Key elements of a Long-term Development Strategy

The overall objective of this series of reports, divided into three tranches,
is to present the results of a structured compilation of understandings and
perceptions regarding climate change mitigation options in Argentina and,
more generally, of options for climate action in the country, towards the
development of a long-term low greenhouse gas emissions strategy, in line
with the Paris Agreement.
These insights are intended to shed light on the relationships between
mitigation options and investment opportunities for climate action, as well
as to explore issues related to potential barriers to investment in the
framework of a long-term vision, while contemplating pathways for
adaptation actions and for the financial issue, also examined from the
facilitation of long-term national climate efforts.

As a result of the activities carried out from the preparation of the
documents, the aim was to provide inputs to government decision-makers
for the development of a Long Term Strategy (LTS) in Argentina -a process
underway at the time of preparing the first document and which ended
with the submission of the LTS to the UNFCCC in November 2022-, and for
the preparation of subsequent Nationally Determined Contributions
(NDCs) that the country plans to make.
The inputs employed were collated both at the different multi-stakeholder
and bilateral dialogue sessions and through in-depth sectoral analysis
developed when undertaking other activities performed according to the
project workplan.
The first tranche of the series is available in English, while the second and
third are in Spanish.