Dossier of mitigation opportunities and their prioritization

The objective of this report is to present the methodological approach for the prioritization of mitigation options (those included in Argentina’s NDC and sectoral plans, as well as new ones identified and analyzed throughout this Project) that were grouped into “mitigation packages”. The prioritization methodology considered three dimensions: mitigation potential, transformational capacity as well as feasibility qualifications.

This prioritization was carried out primarily to identify those packages in the Energy and AFOLU sectors on which future climate efforts should be focused in order to develop feasibility analysis, proposals for policy amendments and financial instruments and, finally, a sectoral investment plan. 

The main findings of this assessment demonstrate that it is possible to achieve the decarbonization of the economy by 2050 with available greenhouse gas emissions mitigation and capture technologies, for both aforementioned sectors.

The full document is available in Spanish and the Executive Summary in English.